Quick Reference for Homeowners with Storm Damage

May 30, 2012

Storm Damage in Ridgeview Ranch

If you have any questions on ACC Design Standards compliance for any repairs you need to make due to recent storms, please contact Melissa Verde with CCMC at mverde@ccmcnet.com or 469-246-3500 or email our ACC Chair at karenf25@swbell.net and we can give you guidance on compliance.  Keep in mind that if you complete a non-compliant project without ACC approval you are financially responsible for bringing it into compliance as well as any fines the Ridgeview Ranch HOA Board may choose to impose for violating the ACC process.

In general, if you are repairing fences, roofs, windows, landscaping, etc. from our recent storm damage, if you replace these items with the same colors, types of materials, sizes, etc. this is considered to be repair/maintenance and does not require a formal submission through the ACC.

If you are repairing damaged fences, roofs, windows, landscaping, etc. by replacing these items and changing their original colors, type of material, sizes, locations, etc. then that is considered an “alteration to an existing improvement” per Article 15 of the Ridgeview Ranch HOA Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and needs to be submitted to the ACC for approval.  You will need to review the most recent 2011 ACC Design Standards Update. This document is a PDF file that is searchable, and has “bookmarks” indexing the various types of project requests.

With many damaged trees in our neighborhood, if the trees being removed are not part of the minimum landscaping package (see “Landscaping” Design Standard excerpt below) they do not need to be replaced.  However, if they are part of that minimum landscaping package they will need to be replaced.

For your convenience, here are excerpts from the current ACC Design Standards for fences, roofing, and landscaping (please consult full document for more information on additional project types):


All shingles will be replaced with 25 year or above shingles. All replacement shingles must be of a dark gray/weathered wood hue. No light colors, brown tones, or black. Any color variation must be approved by the ACC prior to installation.

Roofing shingles designed primarily to be wind and hail resistant and provide heating and cooling efficiencies greater than those provided by customary composite shingles; or provide solar generation capabilities must follow the above color requirements and must be more durable than and of equal or superior quality as stated above. The owner requesting permission to install these types of roofing shingles will be solely responsible for accrediting, certifying and demonstrating to the ACC that the proposed installation is in full compliance.

Fences and Walls

Any fence or wall must be constructed of masonry, brick, wood or other material approved by the Committee. Chain link fencing shall not be allowed without prior approval of the Committee. No fence or wall shall be permitted to extend nearer to any street than the front building line of the residence upon the Lot upon which such fence or wall is situated, except for retaining walls installed by the builder or retaining walls or decorative fences approved by the Committee. No portion of any fence shall exceed eight feet (8′) in height. As required by the City Agreement (referred to in Section 15.10 of this Declaration), fences installed upon the golf course lots shall be a standard fence of a height of four feet of black wrought iron or tubular steel or other materials acceptable to the City (masonry treatment with wrought iron or tubular steel shall be permissible), and shall be of a design which is in accordance with the City Agreement and consistent among all of the golf course lots.  Any replacement of the fencing on a golf course lot by the Owner shall comply with the requirements of this Section and the City Agreement.

Replacement of a builder-provided fence may match the original in size and materials. Must submit colors of stain being used, painted fences are not permitted.

All fences that run parallel (or mostly parallel) to the street must have posts and runners inside the fence (smooth side out). This includes all sides of any corner lot that face the street as well as the back portion of fences on lots that back up to Ridgeview Drive or the west side of Independence.

For parts of fences between lots, the person whose lot the fence sits on has the right to decide which side of the fence the poles face, subject to ACC approval.


Homeowners are required to maintain, at a minimum, a landscaping package consistent with what the builder installed at the time of original home construction. Each Dwelling shall have a minimum of one (1) tree in the front yard, with a minimum of 3″ caliper. Any replacements must be of similar size and type to original plantings, and must be of the native region to promote aesthetic harmony within the community.

Application and copies of plans (drawings) for any major changes to landscaping, including but not limited to walls, retaining walls, fences, trees, and shrubbery, must be submitted to and approved by the ACC prior to commencement of landscaping work and/or construction.

Required landscaping maintenance includes keeping grass cut and planter areas and sidewalks and driveways free of weeds. Sidewalks should be maintained and properly edged. Dead vegetation (e.g., trees, shrubbery, etc.) is required to be removed within 30 days.

Photo Copyright 2012 – Tom Branch

Lost Pet Alert Network for Residents

May 18, 2012

My Buddy Alert (MBA) is a new way to find lost pets in Ridgeview Ranch.  It is based on the same principle that has made the Amber Alert so successful in finding lost children.  When a pet is lost or found, one phone call to MBA at 469-235-8283 will activate a neighborhood-wide alert.
The way MBA works is simple. Send an email to mybuddyalert@sbcglobal.net with your contact information and a complete description of your pet(s).  Include in your email:
  • Your Name
  • Telephone Number(s)
  • Type of Pet (dog, cat, other) – Breed – Gender – Color – Special Markings – Any other important information that makes your pet easy to identify and a recent photo (if you have one)

As soon as you realize your pet is missing, call MBA at 469-235-8283.  With the information you have provided, an email will be sent to everyone who has registered their information with MBA. The alert will include a description of your pet and a picture, if provided.  Your neighbors will then be asked to look for your pet around their property, street, or any area that they are willing to check.

When the pet is found, call MBA at 469-235-8283 and we match the description with our database of pets and arrange a reunion!  The more neighbors that are willing to participate, the quicker we can reunite pets with their families.

A website is currently being created which will provide a place for pictures of lost or found pets in Ridgeview Ranch along with lots of other helpful information.  The website address will be mybuddyalert.us

Even if you don’t have a pet but you would be willing to check your property for a lost pet, please email your contact information to mybuddyalert@sbcglobal.net.  PLEASE participate if you are a pet owner or if you are willing to help.  And the best part is that there will NEVER be a fee for the My Buddy Alert service!

Thank you for making our neighborhood safer for everyone!

Monica Kelley and Steve Harrison – long-time residents of Ridgeview Ranch and proud parents of two awesome beagles!

Keep Ridgeview Ranch Beautiful – Pick Up Those Newspapers

May 17, 2012

Like many residents in Ridgeview Ranch, I receive the Plano Star Courier and the Dallas Morning News Briefings which are delivered several times a week. Some of our homeowners may not realize they are being delivered and they simply pile up on the lawns. This creates an unkept look in the neighborhood.

If you do not want to receive these newspapers all you have to do is to contact the paper and request that they no longer be delivered. This will not only keep Ridgeview Ranch beautiful but saves trees and the fuels used to print and deliver them.

The Plano Star Courier can be found online at www.starlocalnews.com or by calling (972) 424-9504. The Dallas Morning News Briefing can be found online at www.dallasnews.com/briefing or by calling (214) 977-8333.

Let’s all work to keep Ridgeview Ranch a great place to live.

Photo Copyright 2012 Tom Branch

Welcome New Directors and Officers

May 12, 2012

Quite a few changes have taken place over the past few months, not the least of which is the appointment of two new directors to fill two vacant board positions and the election of two directors at the annual meeting in March.  In the first board meeting after elections,officers were nominated and elected to serve Ridgeview Ranch for the next year.

Your new officers are:

  • President – Lisa Coppinger
  • Vice President – Thomas Branch
  • Treasurer – John Day
  • Secretary – Shannon Bayon
  • Director at Large – Warren Davidson

Each of these volunteers brings a unique perspective, set of abilities and business experience to the board.  Serving the community as a board director is both challenging and rewarding.  If you need to contact the board there are several ways to do so through this website.  You can use the form on our Contact page or use the email links on the About page.  Please show these volunteers your appreciation for their committment to make Ridgeview Ranch an outstanding place to live.

Annual Meeting Report

May 12, 2012

The annual meeting for the membership of the Ridgeview Ranch Homeowners Association, Inc. took place the evening of March 28, 2012 at the Maribelle M. Davis Library on Independence Parkway in Plano, TX.  Board president Caroline Chandler led the meeting and discussed improvments to the community that took place in 2011 including:

  • a new roof and exterior paint for the amenity center on Bellerieve Dr.
  • panting the iron fence surrounding the pools and playgrounds
  • installing zoysia grass to help with the erosion along the Ridgeview Dr. sidewalk
  • the installation of drip irrigation at one Manor entrance as a test to prove possible savings on association water bills.

In addition, Ms. Chandler reported that representatives from CCMC and the HOA board met with the City of Plano regarding the retaining wall running parallel to Independence along the Beck alleyway that is leaning and in need of repair.  The City has agreed that the repair of this wall is their responsibility ultimately saving the HOA over $100,000 in repair costs.

Board treasurer Tom Branch reviewed the HOA financials reporting that there will be no dues increase for 2012.  He also discussed the challenges facing our community as our common areas age and the possibility of a dues increase in the coming years due to increasing maintenance and utilities costs.

Board vice president and acting secretary Lisa Coppinger presented outstanding service awards to Ms. Caroline Chandler and Ms. Karen Fairchild for their years of service and extraordinary committments to the Ridgeview Ranch Community.  She also presented five year service gifts to Caroline Chandler, Brenda Kihl, John McGraw and Lori Ward who were in attendance.  Those not in attendance who also received appreciation gifts were Mike & Robin Bennison, Sondra Cluck, Bill Guynup, and Jennifer Williams.

After board candidates were introduced and the members cast their ballots, two directors were elected to serve three year terms.  Lisa Coppinger was elected to serve her second term on the board and Warren Davidson was elected for his first term of service.

The board also answered questions from the members concerning transfer station odors, design guidelines with regard to fence posts, violation and fining policies, and vendor selection.  City Councilwoman Andre Davidson also addressed homeowner concerns about water restrictions.  Check the calendar in January for the next annual meeting date, time and location.

Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Sellers Beware!

May 5, 2012

Door Knocker

I received a call this evening from one of my sellers. A potential buyer had showed up at her home, rang the doorbell, and asked to see the home. While this raised red flags for her, she let him into her home and showed him around.

The good news is that nothing happened.

It’s one thing to allow an agent with a keycard and who has scheduled an appointment into your home, but allowing a stranger off the street to do so could be a recipe for disaster.

Buyers off the street should always be referred to your agent. Agents generally qualify potential buyers before showing homes to them. This process tends to weed out unqualified or “buyers” with other motives.

Sellers, I know you want to sell your home, but please do not forfeit your safety in the process.

Photo licensed from iStockPhoto

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Ridgeview Ranch Pools Are Open

May 5, 2012

Ridgeview Ranch community pools are now open for the summer season. We have two pools – the East pool is located on Bellerieve Drive and the West pool is located on Bull Creek Drive. Residents in good standing are allowed a total of four non-resident guests per household.

The complete list of pool rules is posted at each pool, but as a reminder…

  • Swim at your own risk, no lifeguards on duty.
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Proper swim attire is required.
  • All non-potty trained children must wear a swim diaper and plastic leak-proof pants.
  • No glass containers allowed in the pool area
  • No  climbing on the waterfall or diving into the pool.
  • No pets allowed in the pool area.

We also encourage residents to be safe and not to swim alone.  Please remember to treat our common areas respectfully.  Clean up after yourself and your guests.  Use the proper trash receptacles, clean up spills and please do not allow food into the pools.  Please report any problems with the pools to CCMC management at 469-246-3500.

Have a safe summer!

Welcome To The New Ridgeview Ranch HOA Website

May 1, 2012

Ridgeview Ranch HOA Website

Welcome to our newly designed website!

Please note this site is a work in progress and your HOA Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, and management staff are working diligently to get the site completely operational.

This website will replace the old “newsletter” that was mailed out every couple of  months. This change was approved by the BOD last year in an effort to speed up the flow of informaiton to the home owners and to balance the HOA operating budget.

Please drop back often as the site will be updated as things happen in the neighborhood.