Keep Ridgeview Ranch Beautiful – Pick Up Those Newspapers

Like many residents in Ridgeview Ranch, I receive the Plano Star Courier and the Dallas Morning News Briefings which are delivered several times a week. Some of our homeowners may not realize they are being delivered and they simply pile up on the lawns. This creates an unkept look in the neighborhood.

If you do not want to receive these newspapers all you have to do is to contact the paper and request that they no longer be delivered. This will not only keep Ridgeview Ranch beautiful but saves trees and the fuels used to print and deliver them.

The Plano Star Courier can be found online at or by calling (972) 424-9504. The Dallas Morning News Briefing can be found online at or by calling (214) 977-8333.

Let’s all work to keep Ridgeview Ranch a great place to live.

Photo Copyright 2012 Tom Branch