Pools Open Again!

The Bellerive pool is open for business once again!  Thank you for your patience while our equipment was serviced and new chlorinator installed.  As a refresher, here are our pool rules…

  1. No lifeguard on duty.  All persons using the pool facilities do so at their own risk.
  2. No diving.  This includes running dives.
  3. No running.  Running tag games, “cannon-balling,” or boisterous play of any kind is not permitted in the pool area. Any disorderly or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
  4. No glass.  Only non-breakable containers are permitted in the pool area.
  5. No climbing, sitting, standing on or jumping from the waterfall feature at the Bellerive pool.
  6. No smoking in the pool areas.
  7. No pets allowed in the pool area.
  8. No bicycles, skateboards, skates or roller blades allowed in the pool area.
  9. No cutoffs or shorts.  Proper swimming attire is required.  Babies and toddlers who are not potty trained are required to wear a swim diaper at all times.
  10. No furniture in the pool.  This includes placing chase lounges on the sun deck at the Bellerive pool.

Some additional guidelines include:

  1. Residents are allowed a maximum of four (4) guests per household.
  2. Children age thirteen (13) and under must be accompanied by an adult (eighteen 18 and older).  Any resident has the right to remove children from the pool area who are not accompanied by an adult.
  3. Do not swim alone.  It is always safer to have someone with you when you swim no matter your age.
  4. Radios and electronic devices, if in use, are to be kept at a level that does not disturb others in the pool area.
  5. Use of floating tubes, rafts and toys must not interfere with the use of the pool by others.
  6. Use of lifesaving equipment in the pool area is limited to emergencies.  These are not toys and must be maintained in good condition and visible for proper use at all times.
  7. Please immediately report any defecation, vomiting or other potential contaminants (glass, trash, etc.) to CCMC (the management company).
  8. Entry to the pool area should be through the gate only.  Climbing over the fence or gate, or propping the gate open is prohibited.
  9. Residents and guests should pick up after themselves by placing your trash in the proper receptacle and taking your articles home with you after each visit.
  10. The HOA is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen articles.

These rules are posted at each pool and should be followed by residents and their guests.  They were established to protect the safety and enjoyment of our residents while also minimizing the cost of maintenance for our common areas.  We once again apologize for any inconvenience and hope that you, your family and your guests enjoy our common areas this summer!

Happy swimming!