It was a tough summer and your landscaping might need some attention.  Some of us lost trees and other shrubs.  Fall can be a great time to plant new ones.  The Architectural Control Committee reminds you about the HOA Design and Development Standards for Landscaping:

Homeowners are required to maintain, at a minimum, a landscaping package consistent with what the builder installed at the time of original home construction.  This includes foundation shrubs in the front of the house and a minimum of one (1) tree in the front yard, with a minimum of 3” caliper.  Any replacements must be of similar size and type to original plantings, and must be of the native region to promote aesthetic harmony within the community.

Application and copies of plans (drawings) for any major changes to landscaping, including but not limited to wall, retaining walls, fences, TREES, and shrubbery, must be submitted to and approved by the ACC prior to commencement of landscaping work and/or construction.

Required landscaping maintenance includes keeping grass cut and planter areas and sidewalks and driveways free of weeds.  Sidewalks should be maintained and properly edged.  Dead vegetation (e.g., trees, shrubbery, etc.) is required to be removed within 30 days.

For more information about the standards or for questions concerning the ACC, please visit: