Ridgeview Ranch #1 for For Families!

April 26, 2013

Have you seen the news?  Ridgeview Ranch is ranked best neighborhood for families with children in the Plano/Murphy/Wylie circulation area by the Dallas Morning News.  Those of us with kids were the focus of this article, but I’ll bet our empty-nesters would agree that Ridgeview Ranch is a great place to live!

You can read the article by following the link below.


Thank you Ridgeview Ranch residents for choosing to live and raise your families here in our community!  YOU are why Ridgeview Ranch IS the place to be!

Scramble-Up A Little Golf This Weekend!

April 25, 2013


It’s spring in Texas, which means you are not exactly sure if your wardrobe this weekend will include shorts or coats or BOTH.  But either way, you can spend some time outside, enjoying the day with friends and neighbors at our Spring Golf Scramble!  You don’t have to be a golf pro to enjoy this fun semi-annual event.  Trophies will be awarded for Closest-to-the-Pin, Longest Drive (for both men & women) and winning foursomes.  Tournament fees include greens & cart fees, practice balls, 2 drink tickets, a $5 Golf Shop gift card and a green fee pass to Ridgeview Ranch or Riverchase Golf Clubs.

This year the event is being sponsored by some fantastic area businesses and some are Ridgeview Ranch residents!  State Farm Agent John Kraft and Real Estate Agent Liz Aviles with VIP Realty have both made cash contributions to help offset the cost of the event.

To get those golf swings ready for the weekend, skip some rocks.  That’s right, I said skip some rocks.  Bruce Sims, Director of Instruction at Ridgeview Ranch Golf Club, says that “skipping a rock is the exact motion for making a golf swing.  You load the weight to your right side, step forward to transfer that weight and rotate the hips to allow your arm to lag, and then release and see the rock skip across the water.  So, practice skipping rocks and you will feel the correct motion for making a golf swing.”

Here’s what you need to know:

What: 2013 Spring RVR Golf Scramble

Where: Ridgeview Ranch Golf Club

When: Saturday, April 27th

Time: 2:00pm Shotgun Start (Check-in: 12:30pm)

Cost: $50/resident and $70/guest

Contact: Ray Strickland (972-978-6895 or strickland4some@yahoo.com)

Do not delay.  Contact Ray Strickland TODAY to see if there are spots available to play!

Annual Meeting Follow-Up

April 23, 2013

ridgeview-ranch-monumentThis year’s annual meeting of the Ridgeview Ranch Homeowners’ Association, held on April 18, 2013 at the Maribelle M. Davis Library, covered a wide range of topics from association accomplishments and goals to the upcoming City of Plano election and bond referendum.   The Ridgeview Ranch Board of Directors, CCMC Management Staff, Committee members and residents gathered to meet, mingle and  discuss the issues facing our community.  Plano city councilwoman Andre Davidson was also in attendance to address our residents concerning the issues facing Plano and to answer questions about the upcoming election.

You may download the meeting presentation here:  

HOA members in attendance, both in person and by proxy, elected Mr. Alex Johnson to serve a three year term on the board.  He will replace director Tom Branch whose term ended this year.  Alex built his home in the Villages section of Ridgeview Ranch 14 years ago.  A commercial real estate executive, he is the owner and president of Laurex Realty Advisors and brings with him a family legacy of over 30 years of experience in all aspects of the real estate business.  He is an avid volunteer and active member of the community serving in both civic and business oriented associations including:

  • Dallas Mayor’s Taskforce for Southern Dallas Economic Development
  • Southern Dallas Development Corporation (SDDC)
  • Plano Rotary Club
  • CITY House Youth Shelter
  • Boys & Girls Club of Collin County
  • Plano Community Forum
  • Leadership Plano
  • Leadership Dallas
  • Vice Chairman of the City of Plano’s Cultural Affairs Commission and member of its Public Art Committee
  • Frisco ISD’s Anderson Elementary CIT Principal’s Advisory Committee
  • Plano ISD’s Jasper High School SBIC Principal’s Advisory Committee
  • Plano ISD’s Educator Internship program

After the election, board and committee members spent considerable time discussing questions an concerns voiced by homeowners both prior to and at the meeting itself.  Many questions concerned City of Plano responsibilities including speeding, street and sidewalk repairs for areas outside the manor, noise issues, and cars parked along the street.  In order to better serve our residents, we will post links to the City Plano departments and services on our website LINKS page to better help residents resolve their issues.  The following is a summary of the HOA issues discussed at the meeting.

Standards Enforcement:
Enforcement of standards was a big issue with homeowners and board members alike.  Residents are concerned that homeowners who are not keeping their homes and yards nice are not being communicated with in a timely or effective manner.  Over the past few months, the board has been reviewing the fining and enforcement policies of other HOAs in our area and working to be sure that our policy is reasonable, enforceable and carries enough weight to discourage non-compliance by our homeowners.  This effort will continue over the coming months with the goal of rectifying any shortcomings of the current policy.  However, we need assistance from every homeowner to make any policy enforceable.  While CCMC does drive our neighborhood twice a month, there is no better way to be sure they know about any issues you notice in our neighborhood than to give them a call or send them an email with the necessary details.  One set or eyes just is not enough to see all that happens within our borders.  Please be sure to notify CCMC of any issues you see on your street.

CCMC’s contact information can be found here.  http://ridgeviewranch.org/about/

Perimeter Landscaping:
Our entrances and perimeter plantings are not currently up to the standards of the homeowners or board.  We have dying shrubs at many entrances, no mulch in our flower beds and although we plant perennials rather than annuals to last more than one season, many of our flower beds are in need of a major overhaul.  After an exhaustive review of the landscaping maintenance contract and a large request for proposals, we determined we needed to change maintenance companies.  Beginning in May, we have a new landscaping company servicing our community – Lindsey’s Lawn & Landscape Inc..  We expect that you will see marked improvement in the way our common areas look almost immediately.  In addition, we will be working closely with the owner of the company to develop a plan to make our entrances and perimeters more welcoming.

Also, the damage made to the split railing on Ridgeview Rd west of Independence should be fixed in May.  The insurance and repair companies have reached an agreed upon price and the replacement parts have been ordered.

Vandalism and Trespassing:
Several homeowners have expressed concern over a group of teenagers crossing Ridgeview to play basketball using our goal.  These individuals have been loud, using frequent profanity, smoking while sitting on the playground equipment, urinating in the bushes, leaving trash and generally behaving in a way that discouraged residents from using the playground with their children.  In addition, they have become aggressive and confrontational when approached by both homeowners and police and have broken several pieces of playground equipment including an infant swing and recently refurbished teeter totter.  After meeting with the apartment management and additional discussion among board members, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily remove and store the basketball goal.  This seems to be the main draw for these young men and hopefully, once they realize it is gone, they will find another place to play.  We encourage you not to approach any individuals acting in this way alone.  Call the Plano police if you have any kind of disturbance near where you live.

To wrap up the evening, $50 Gift Cards were awarded to two lucky Ridgeview Ranch residents for either turning in their proxy or attending the meeting in person.  Thanks to all of you who helped by participating in the meeting.  We look forward to seeing more of you at next year’s meeting!

Community – What Does it Mean to YOU?

April 15, 2013


When you look up the word ‘community’ in the dictionary, the overwhelming theme among the various definitions is…people.  A group living in close proximity, with similar interests, values, social situations.  A group with common property or leading a common life.  There is but one of these that has to do with a neighborhood – “a locality inhabited by such a group.”  But is a ‘locality’ really a community?  How about Ridgeview Ranch? Are we truly a community?


For me, community has always been more of a feeling.  When the kids were small, it was coordinating the neighborhood playgroup that provided my sense of community.  Parents from all over Ridgeview Ranch gathered weekly at each other’s homes to let our kids trash the place while we chatted about bottle feeding, potty training, pre-schools and more.  As the kids have gotten older, those same parents are still my close friends as we watch our children play sports, take gymnastics and dance classes or get into scouting.  When the kids entered elementary school, they already had a pretty close-knit group of friends who were in their classrooms and on the playground at recess.  It was a fantastic way to make the transition to school easier for our little ones.


But – life changes, needs change, neighbors change, and volunteers change.  With all these changes, some of these community building programs in Ridgeview Ranch have ended.  We don’t have to continue to live without them though.  All it takes is…people.  If you have small children who need to make friends in the community – start a playgroup.  If you want an opportunity to gather with your neighbors – organize a block party.  If you are new to the neighborhood or have been here since you built your home – seize the opportunity to make our neighborhood a community and volunteer to do something in Ridgeview Ranch.  Not sure where to start?  Attend the Ridgeview Ranch HOA Annual meeting, Thursday, April 18 at the Maribelle M. Davis Library and find out!  Come at 6pm for a meet & greet with community leaders and stay for the meeting at 7pm.  We can have a larger sense of community here in Ridgeview Ranch – We just need YOU!

Can’t make it?  Be sure to send in your proxy so that we can elect a new director to the board and conduct our annual business.  But, if you aren’t otherwise engaged – we hope to see you there!


What: Annual HOA Meeting
When:  Thursday, April 18 from 6:00pm to 8:30pm
Where:  Davis Library, 7501 Independence Pkwy., Plano 75025
Who:  HOA Board, CCMC Managers, Community leaders, Homeowners
Why: To find out what we did in 2012, what we are planning in 2013 and where we need volunteers


Owner Proxy

Garage Sales from a Collector’s Perspective

April 9, 2013

The Ridgeview Ranch Community Garage Sale is set for this Saturday, April 13 from 8am to 2pm.  To help residents make the most of their sales, I asked Kate Kirby with The Rare Collections, to write a guest blog for our website.  Enjoy!


Attracting Collectors to your Garage Sale can be Profitable

Sifting through other people’s discarded items is a daily activity for most collectors. It becomes a treasure hunt to find that missing piece to their collection. If you take the time to market to collectors, you might just find you’ll make more money for your items while bringing a collector the ultimate joy of completing their search.

When I was a kid, families in our neighborhood hosted lots of garage sales. Every weekend, there was someone selling something out of their garage or yard. Adults found furniture, tools, and household items at reasonable prices and the kids traded toys and trinkets. We tagged each item with a price and emptied the junk drawer into a shoebox labeled $.01. It was almost like a mini retail store.

These days neighborhoods are more organized hosting sales on the same days to attract more buyers and limit the number of “guests” in the neighborhood each weekend.  They put out signs and place ads on behalf of everyone who is selling at the neighborhood event. But just because your neighborhood is advertising the sale doesn’t mean you can’t market your items and bring specific people to the event to buy your treasures. There are two types of Craigslist ads you can place to attract collectors, and I recommend doing both. 

First, a laundry list of items that will be for sale in the “garage sale” section is a good idea. Remember, your neighborhood is also advertising the sale, so no need to put your address. The cross streets and telling folks to “look for the signs” is good enough. 

Secondly, individual ads for select items in the appropriate category can bring specific people to your sale. For example, if you have a guitar, place an ad in the musical instruments section. Place an ad for children’s clothing in that section, furniture in the furniture section and so on. Use photos and let people know you have lots of other items available at the garage sale. You can also let people call or text you and then you can personally invite them to the sale giving your specific address if you are comfortable after talking.

Don’t spend time tagging each item. Collectors don’t mind asking for prices and they love to haggle, so plan for it. You can even let them offer a price and if it’s acceptable, take it. Let the market dictate the value, unless you want a specific amount for something. If you spend your time placing ads on Craigslist and Facebook, it can be more effective in the long run.

Organize your merchandise for your ease and the ease of the shopper. Don’t make it look too nice or retail-like. Collectors like to dig for treasure. Just put like items together so you can sell more easily. Clothing with clothing, glassware on a table with other glassware, lawn stuff together…you get the picture.

Food keeps people happy and shopping. Coffee or sodas can keep people happy and a tip jar will get you a few dollars by the end of the day. Let the bigger kids have a bake sale or lemonade stand at the same time. It’s fun for them and keeps them occupied. You might make more in baked goods than the merchandise. Above all, have fun and enjoy the day with friends family.

For more information on antiques, art and collectibles, please join me at www.therarecollections.com

Good luck,
Kate Kirby, The Rare Collections

Calloway’s Timely Tip for April Gardeners

April 5, 2013

Celebrate Earth Day this month and go “green” with Calloway’s and Cornelius Nursery. We offer many organic products to help you develop a naturally-inspired green environment. We also offer traditional solutions but for the gardener who is exploring the “greener” side here are a few ideas.


A successful garden begins with good soil. Organic material is important to the soil composition. It helps with drainage and increases the soil microbe population. Expanded shale is used to break up hard, compacted clay soils. Calloway’s Organic Fertilizer contains seven food-grade meals and can be applied to your lawn and other plantings. Applying molasses will help stimulate microorganisms and energize your plants. Top dress your flowerbeds and containers with organic mulches. They not only break down slowly putting organic material back into the soil but, they also prevent weeds, conserve moisture and cool the soil during the heat of the summer.


Other organic insecticides and fungicides are Neem Oil, Diatomaceous Earth and Insecticidal Soaps. These are products which are safe to use around pets and children. There are also beneficial insects available such as Ladybugs, Lacewings and Beneficial Nematodes! These guys will attack the pests and take care of them “naturally.”


If you’re looking for some naturally-inspired garden ideas for your next project, please join us for FREE in-store garden clinics this month. Clinics begin at 10:15 a.m. and are facilitated at every store.


Saturday, March 30: Proven flowers for your Texas garden (10:15 a.m.)

Add a dash of inspiration to garden spaces with plants proven to thrive–Choose these winners to take your outdoor spaces from blah to brilliant! For 20 years, Proven Winners plants have been trialed and tested in Texas.  From the very best, we’ve developed the collection of annuals and perennials available for Texas gardeners. These varieties are easy to grow, disease free and provide all season blooms. Perfect for container or flowerbed planting! Find the widest selection of Proven Winners plants in the area on Proven Winners Day.


Saturday, April 6: Creating shade gardens (10:15 a.m.)

Surprises of natural brilliance amid the shadows…Gardening experts at Calloway’s and Cornelius Nursery reveal plants that thrive in Texas shade gardens and show you how to improve your own shady spaces.


Saturday, April 13: Butterfly and hummingbird gardens (10:15 a.m.)

Enhance gardens with butterfly and hummingbird habitats…Learn how to create a garden to enjoy your own private butterfly and hummingbird show.


Saturday, April 20: Using groundcovers in the landscape (10:15 a.m.)

Natural carpets of plants provide smooth garden transitions…Groundcovers tie together garden spaces. Learn about these grass alternatives at your local Calloway’s and Cornelius Nursery.


Saturday, April 27: Identifying the perfect plant for your space (10:15 a.m.)

Decorate spaces with splashes of natural color…Choose stand-out annuals that spring forth and thrive in Texas gardens.


For more information, visit www.calloways.com. Hope to see you in the garden soon!

Good Neighbor Coupon DFW

Yard of The Month is BACK!

April 5, 2013

3184_DeleonYes folks!  The Ridgeview Ranch Yard of The Month contest, sponsored by the Calloway’s Nursery Good Neighbor Program and the Ridgeview Ranch HOA, is back for another year.  From April to September, members of our Beautification Committee will be on the look out for the best examples of neighbors who take pride in their yards and homes.   The committee will be awarding one $25 gift card per month to a homeowner in each of the Ridgeview Ranch communities.  We will also be posting a “Timely Tips for Gardeners” article each month provided by the good folks at Calloway’s.  So get those mowers going, weed those flower beds and get the yard in shape for the warm months ahead. Who knows, you might earn some extra spending money for your efforts!

If you are interested in serving on the Ridgeview Ranch Beautification Committee, please contact Lisa Coppinger at lisa_coppinger@yahoo.com and I’ll get you in touch with the right folks.

Spring Event a Success Despite Chilly Weather!

April 4, 2013

There might have been a chill in the air, but that did not keep about 50 children and their families from coming out to celebrate the arrival of spring Sunday, March 24 at our Annual Spring Event and Egg Hunt.  In addition to hunting for eggs, those in attendance enjoyed variety of activities including a bunny hop contests, hula hooping, chalk art, a gardening station, pin the tail on the bunny game and the “Team Baglietto” egg pull and prize table.  A hoppin’ good time was had by all!

A BIG thank you to Mark & Cindy Baglietto for their continued sponsorship and assistance with this event for the past 10+ years.  Special thanks to event coordinator Linda O’Brien and her family for stuffing dozens of eggs, the wonderful addition of activities and the artistic signage.  Thanks also to the families who donated filled eggs for the hunt.  We hope to see you again at this and other events in the Ridgeview Ranch community!


Plano Crimewatch Update – 2013-57194

April 2, 2013

The following event was reported to the Plano Police Department.

OFFENSE NUMBER: 2013-57194
OFFENSE TYPE: Suspicious Person
LOCATION/STREET: McDermott Road (McDermott Rd/Hedgcoxe Rd, Mapsco 557G)
DATE: 3/29/13 (Friday) TIME: 7:00 p.m.

DESCRIPTION: The driver of the van drove around Russell Creek Park several times.  He attempted to talk to young girls (mid teens) while doing so.  At one point he stopped the van and got out to talk with the girls which caused them to run away and report the incident.

SUSPECT INFORMATION: White male, no other description.

VEHICLE INFORMATION: White van with a bubble top.  Tinted windows.

Residents are urged to immediately call 911 upon observing any suspicious person, vehicle, or circumstance.

If you have any information regarding suspicious persons or activity in your area, please call the Plano Police Department at (972) 424-5678.

Plano Crimewatch Update – 2013-56203

April 2, 2013

The following event was reported to the Plano Police Department.

OFFENSE NUMBER: 2013-56203
OFFENSE TYPE: Burglary – Habitation
LOCATION/STREET: Tuscany Drive (S. of Spring Creek Pkwy between Coit Rd/Preston Rd, Mapsco 656H)
DATE: 3/28/13 (Thursday)TIME:1:00 p.m.

DESCRIPTION: The homeowner came home for lunch and stumbled into a burglary in progress. Upon being discovered the suspect ran away on foot.

SUSPECT INFORMATION: Male, early 20’s to mid 20’s, 5’6”-5’8”, 200-220 lbs, heavy build. Last seen wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt and pajama style pants what were red and white in color.


Residents are urged to immediately call 911 upon observing any suspicious person, vehicle, or circumstance.

If you have any information regarding suspicious persons or activity in your area, please call the Plano Police Department at (972) 424-5678.

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