Community – What Does it Mean to YOU?


When you look up the word ‘community’ in the dictionary, the overwhelming theme among the various definitions is…people.  A group living in close proximity, with similar interests, values, social situations.  A group with common property or leading a common life.  There is but one of these that has to do with a neighborhood – “a locality inhabited by such a group.”  But is a ‘locality’ really a community?  How about Ridgeview Ranch? Are we truly a community?


For me, community has always been more of a feeling.  When the kids were small, it was coordinating the neighborhood playgroup that provided my sense of community.  Parents from all over Ridgeview Ranch gathered weekly at each other’s homes to let our kids trash the place while we chatted about bottle feeding, potty training, pre-schools and more.  As the kids have gotten older, those same parents are still my close friends as we watch our children play sports, take gymnastics and dance classes or get into scouting.  When the kids entered elementary school, they already had a pretty close-knit group of friends who were in their classrooms and on the playground at recess.  It was a fantastic way to make the transition to school easier for our little ones.


But – life changes, needs change, neighbors change, and volunteers change.  With all these changes, some of these community building programs in Ridgeview Ranch have ended.  We don’t have to continue to live without them though.  All it takes is…people.  If you have small children who need to make friends in the community – start a playgroup.  If you want an opportunity to gather with your neighbors – organize a block party.  If you are new to the neighborhood or have been here since you built your home – seize the opportunity to make our neighborhood a community and volunteer to do something in Ridgeview Ranch.  Not sure where to start?  Attend the Ridgeview Ranch HOA Annual meeting, Thursday, April 18 at the Maribelle M. Davis Library and find out!  Come at 6pm for a meet & greet with community leaders and stay for the meeting at 7pm.  We can have a larger sense of community here in Ridgeview Ranch – We just need YOU!

Can’t make it?  Be sure to send in your proxy so that we can elect a new director to the board and conduct our annual business.  But, if you aren’t otherwise engaged – we hope to see you there!


What: Annual HOA Meeting
When:  Thursday, April 18 from 6:00pm to 8:30pm
Where:  Davis Library, 7501 Independence Pkwy., Plano 75025
Who:  HOA Board, CCMC Managers, Community leaders, Homeowners
Why: To find out what we did in 2012, what we are planning in 2013 and where we need volunteers


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