Annual Meeting Follow-Up

ridgeview-ranch-monumentThis year’s annual meeting of the Ridgeview Ranch Homeowners’ Association, held on April 18, 2013 at the Maribelle M. Davis Library, covered a wide range of topics from association accomplishments and goals to the upcoming City of Plano election and bond referendum.   The Ridgeview Ranch Board of Directors, CCMC Management Staff, Committee members and residents gathered to meet, mingle and  discuss the issues facing our community.  Plano city councilwoman Andre Davidson was also in attendance to address our residents concerning the issues facing Plano and to answer questions about the upcoming election.

You may download the meeting presentation here:  

HOA members in attendance, both in person and by proxy, elected Mr. Alex Johnson to serve a three year term on the board.  He will replace director Tom Branch whose term ended this year.  Alex built his home in the Villages section of Ridgeview Ranch 14 years ago.  A commercial real estate executive, he is the owner and president of Laurex Realty Advisors and brings with him a family legacy of over 30 years of experience in all aspects of the real estate business.  He is an avid volunteer and active member of the community serving in both civic and business oriented associations including:

  • Dallas Mayor’s Taskforce for Southern Dallas Economic Development
  • Southern Dallas Development Corporation (SDDC)
  • Plano Rotary Club
  • CITY House Youth Shelter
  • Boys & Girls Club of Collin County
  • Plano Community Forum
  • Leadership Plano
  • Leadership Dallas
  • Vice Chairman of the City of Plano’s Cultural Affairs Commission and member of its Public Art Committee
  • Frisco ISD’s Anderson Elementary CIT Principal’s Advisory Committee
  • Plano ISD’s Jasper High School SBIC Principal’s Advisory Committee
  • Plano ISD’s Educator Internship program

After the election, board and committee members spent considerable time discussing questions an concerns voiced by homeowners both prior to and at the meeting itself.  Many questions concerned City of Plano responsibilities including speeding, street and sidewalk repairs for areas outside the manor, noise issues, and cars parked along the street.  In order to better serve our residents, we will post links to the City Plano departments and services on our website LINKS page to better help residents resolve their issues.  The following is a summary of the HOA issues discussed at the meeting.

Standards Enforcement:
Enforcement of standards was a big issue with homeowners and board members alike.  Residents are concerned that homeowners who are not keeping their homes and yards nice are not being communicated with in a timely or effective manner.  Over the past few months, the board has been reviewing the fining and enforcement policies of other HOAs in our area and working to be sure that our policy is reasonable, enforceable and carries enough weight to discourage non-compliance by our homeowners.  This effort will continue over the coming months with the goal of rectifying any shortcomings of the current policy.  However, we need assistance from every homeowner to make any policy enforceable.  While CCMC does drive our neighborhood twice a month, there is no better way to be sure they know about any issues you notice in our neighborhood than to give them a call or send them an email with the necessary details.  One set or eyes just is not enough to see all that happens within our borders.  Please be sure to notify CCMC of any issues you see on your street.

CCMC’s contact information can be found here.

Perimeter Landscaping:
Our entrances and perimeter plantings are not currently up to the standards of the homeowners or board.  We have dying shrubs at many entrances, no mulch in our flower beds and although we plant perennials rather than annuals to last more than one season, many of our flower beds are in need of a major overhaul.  After an exhaustive review of the landscaping maintenance contract and a large request for proposals, we determined we needed to change maintenance companies.  Beginning in May, we have a new landscaping company servicing our community – Lindsey’s Lawn & Landscape Inc..  We expect that you will see marked improvement in the way our common areas look almost immediately.  In addition, we will be working closely with the owner of the company to develop a plan to make our entrances and perimeters more welcoming.

Also, the damage made to the split railing on Ridgeview Rd west of Independence should be fixed in May.  The insurance and repair companies have reached an agreed upon price and the replacement parts have been ordered.

Vandalism and Trespassing:
Several homeowners have expressed concern over a group of teenagers crossing Ridgeview to play basketball using our goal.  These individuals have been loud, using frequent profanity, smoking while sitting on the playground equipment, urinating in the bushes, leaving trash and generally behaving in a way that discouraged residents from using the playground with their children.  In addition, they have become aggressive and confrontational when approached by both homeowners and police and have broken several pieces of playground equipment including an infant swing and recently refurbished teeter totter.  After meeting with the apartment management and additional discussion among board members, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily remove and store the basketball goal.  This seems to be the main draw for these young men and hopefully, once they realize it is gone, they will find another place to play.  We encourage you not to approach any individuals acting in this way alone.  Call the Plano police if you have any kind of disturbance near where you live.

To wrap up the evening, $50 Gift Cards were awarded to two lucky Ridgeview Ranch residents for either turning in their proxy or attending the meeting in person.  Thanks to all of you who helped by participating in the meeting.  We look forward to seeing more of you at next year’s meeting!