Lookin’ Good Neighborhood!

Late spring and early summer is the perfect time to make updates and fixes to your home.  I’ve seen lots of crews out doing work in yards, building fences, replacing roof shingles, painting chimneys and siding and putting in pools for the hot Texas summer.  It is great to see our homeowners’ caring about what their homes look like and doing their best to keep our home values high!


As you think about improvements you might like to make to your home this season, please remember that the Ridgeview Ranch HOA’s governing documents require that you submit any and all plans for improvements made to the exterior of your home to our Architectural Control Committee (ACC) BEFORE the work begins.  This is in addition to the building permit required by the City of Plano for many of these improvements as well.


The ACC page on our website has the current published design standards along with the project submittal form required.  The committee has 30 days to review and approve or deny your project.  However, they typically get the project through the committee in about a week if they do not have questions or the project is not unusual in some way.  The down side – if you fail to submit the forms and get the proper approval, you are subject to fines.  Here’s a link to the page and documents you need.



Take the time to submit the forms, gain the necessary approval and get your work underway.  But most of all, thanks for taking the time and effort to keep your home beautiful!