Calloway’s Timely Tips for July Gardeners

dripping waterMulch Helps Plants Weather the Summer Heat!

Summer is upon us and your garden may be feeling the affects of the heat. Mulch can help your garden plants weather the summer heat and still thrive.

 Reduce Water Use
Mulch provides several healthy benefits to Texas gardens in the summertime. One of the most well-known benefits of mulch is to reduce evaporation and water use. In the heat of summer conserving water can be particularly important. Mulch reduces evaporation preserving the water in the ground where your plants can access it through their root system.

Regulate Sub-Surface Temperatures
Another very important benefit to mulch in the heat of summer is regulation of ground temperature. A 3 to 4 inch blanket of mulch is excellent insulation, protecting the ground from direct sun, and greatly reducing the temperature several inches below ground level. This is where your plants’ roots live, thrive and do the hard work of absorbing moisture and nutrients. They will be much healthier and more productive with the reduction in temperature that mulch provides.

Types of Mulch
As for types of mulch, we recommend hardwood or cedar-wood for most gardens. Some gardeners prefer pine mulch, but while it is somewhat less expensive, it also breaks down more quickly and will need to be reapplied frequently. Cedar is the most expensive of the three but does help reduce garden pests in some instances, due to its natural repellent properties.

To apply mulch, simply place it in the garden from the bag or with a shovel, and carefully spread it around your plants by hand or with a rake.

Mulch will reduce your water use, reduce the time required to weed, as well as reduce soil loss due to wind and run-off. Plus it will help your plants to thrive through the summer heat!

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