Calloway’s Timely Tips for August Gardeners

Summer Lawns; Feed, Mow, Prevent!

The key to a great looking summer lawn is to be proactive.

For a great looking summer lawn, advance planning can be your best friend. When the summer heat hits, grass grows slower, so any damage or stress will take longer to remedy and repair. Hence, your best strategy is to keep your grass healthy and green, so that it can hold its own through the summer.

Water Only 1″ Per Week.

Our Calloway’s Lawn Care specialists suggest that lawns require only 1″ of water per week in the summer time. That includes rainfall. When watering, water two days per week (or one if you are subject to restrictions), preferably in early morning so that the water can seep down into the ground around the roots and build a healthy root system. Excessive watering leads to waste and disease, which can spread very quickly in the warm summer months.

When Mowing, Let Those Blades Stand Tall!

When mowing in summer, most Texas varieties of grass should be left relatively long. As a matter of fact, our garden expert suggests raising your adjustable lawn-mower blade to at least 3″ or the maximum height for St. Augustine; or 1″ to 2″ for Bermuda. Leaving the grass blades longer helps them to handle the stress of summer heat and also helps to shade the ground at the root level, keeping the roots cooler. You may need to mow more often to keep your lawn looking tidy, but longer grass means healthy grass in summer.

Use a Top Quality Pre-Emergent and Fertilizer

You should also fertilize your lawn around the end of August, to prepare it for the fall growth period. Apply a good pre-emergent weed killer, created specifically for the warm-season grasses that we have in Texas. Then you can apply your choice of fertilizer, either Calloway’s Organic Mix, Calloway’s Premium Lawn Food 25-5-10 fertilizer, or Calloway’s Phosphorous Free Lawn Food of 21-0-0, which helps to eliminate salt build-up in the soil and the water table.

Plan ahead for a beautiful end of summer lawn, and an even more beautiful fall season.

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