A Season of Giving

December 24, 2013

Ridgeview Ranch is a diverse neighborhood wih homeowners representing many different countries, cultures and faiths, but we come together in some amazing ways!  2013 has been another year of giving for our vendors, business owners and homeowners alike!  I would like to take a moment to recognize all of the wonderful ways our community has benefited from some amazing folks and how we have worked together to benefit others!

The One Warm Coat Drive sponsored and coodinated by Liz Aviles of VIP Realty gathered bags and bags of coats for people in need in the DFW area.  Special thanks to the residents who collected coats at their places of business, and Anderson Elementary who donated unclaimed items from lost-and-found.  Our goal was 100 coats – we exceeded our goal for sure!  Anderson Elementary families also helped Frisco ISD give the gift of Christmas to 1200 families in need through their Small World Angel program.  Thanks to resident Jennifer Williams for coordinating Anderson’s efforts!


The Ridgeview Ranch landscaping team, Lindsey’s Lawn & Landscaping also pitched in this season by donating some of the cost for updated holiday lights at each entrance monument.  Our Beautification Committee chair, Duke Bond with the help of his artistic and talented wife Densie, did a fantastic job coordinating, judging and creating signs for the Halloween and Holiday decorating contests this season as well.

But Fall and Winter are only a small portion of all the giving that takes place during the year.  I would like to take a moment to thank all of our volunteers, sponsors and staff for all of the time, dollars and efforts they put into making our neighborhood a wonderful place to live.

Volunteers: These residents gave us the gift of their time.  Whether only two hours helping with a specific event or many hours each week managing the associations affairs, we could not last a minute without these wonderful people!  THANK YOU!  Dave Ayers, Shannon Bayon, Duke & Denise Bond, Tom Branch, Wendi Brandenberg, Caroline Chandler, Wayne Dallingher, Warren Davidson, John Day, Ken Dykeman, Karen Fairchild, Alice Fant, Johsua Fuller, Stephanie, Tim, Allie & Grant Granberry, Jennifer & Kurt Grosskopf, Billy Guynup, Jonathon Harris, Alex Johnson,  John McGraw, Ardalan Naghian, Katherine Overall, Dalton Percle, Dave Pilkington, John Spelmantx, Nipun Talwar, Bridgett, Toby & Katelyn Todd, Linda & Meghan O’Brien, John Richmond, Max Robinson, Ellen Safley, Ray Strickland, Stacy Turner, Lori & Mike Ward

Sponsors: As our community grows older and maintenance costs rise, we need the help of community partners more and more each year.  THANK YOU to these and many other homeowners and local businesses who came to our aid this year!  Liz Aviles – VIP Realty, Cindy & Mark Baglietto – Team Baglietto Keller Williams Realtors, Tom & Gina Branch – The Branch Team Remax Realtors, Calloway’s Nursery, Custer McDermott Animal Hospital, Jennifer Day – Ebby Halliday Realtor, Kroger, Lindsey’s Lawn & Landscape, Verizon FiOS, Lori Ward – Keller Williams Realtor

Staff: Our management company CCMC has gone through some changes over the past couple of years.  They continue to work closely with us to improve their service each and every year.  Thanks to our Community Manager, Melissa Verde and her staff for their dedication to providing outstanding service and support to our community!

And finally, Thank YOU for being a part of this great community!  If you want to be a bigger part by volunteering your time, sponsoring an event, or giving us feedback on how we are doing, we welcome your participation in making 2014 an even better year in Ridgeview Ranch!

Warmest wishes for health & happiness in 2014!
Lisa Coppinger
President, Ridgeview Ranch HOA

Holiday Lighting Contest

December 20, 2013

The Ridgeview Ranch Beautification Committee would like to invite you to participate in a Holiday Lighting Contest.  Winners will be chosen on the basis of best holiday dressed home for each neighborhood.

Judging will take place on Sunday, December 22nd, between 6PM and 9PM.  Please have finishing touches up and lights on at that time to be considered.

One winning home will be chosen from each of our 4 Neighborhoods- the Manor, the Estates, the Villages, and the West.  Contest winners will have a sign placed in the yard and receive a $50 gift card in the mail following the contest.  One home will be awarded $100 Grand Prize for all of Ridgeview Ranch!

Thank you for your participation and efforts year round to keep Ridgeview Ranch a beautiful place to live!


Wishing you and yours a happy holidays and a prosperous new year,

RVR HOA Board of Directors, Ridgeview Ranch HOA Beautification Committee & CCMC

Holiday Safety Tips

December 19, 2013

The Plano Police Department has recently published a number of crime and safety tips for the holidays on the private neighborhood network “Nextdoor.”  Our Ridgeview Ranch Crime Watch Coordinator, John McGraw, re-posted them on the Ridgeview Ranch Nextdoor network and I am posting them here for those of you who are not members. If you would like to join the newtork, you can go to https://nextdoor.com/invite/shtruxbfhrjzshwcxdyc  and sign up today.

Safe and Happy Holidays to you all!

‘Tis the season… that burglaries increase in cities across the area. Here are some simple tips to help reduce your chances of becoming a victim of this crime.


1. LOCK your vehicle. Almost 25% of these thefts occur from unlocked vehicles.
2. Don’t leave any valuables in sight. Even an empty gym or duffle bag in the car can entice a criminal to break in to see if anything is inside.
3. Remove, or put away your accessories. Leaving a GPS, iPod, or even a charger plugged in are signs for a thief that something might be inside.
4. Set your car alarm. Don’t have an alarm? Well you might consider purchasing one as they are relatively inexpensive these days and the alarm activation will send a burglar running.
5. Park in well lit areas at night. This includes your house. Install lighting in your driveway if you leave your car out at night to illuminate the vehicle. Provide the thief as little cover as possible.
6. Don’t store a spare key on your car. The criminals know the most common hiding spots and will look for hidden keys.
7. If you have to store items in your vehicle rather than removing them, make sure you put them in the trunk or other hidden location BEFORE you arrive at your destination.
8. Common sense and instincts are the best crime prevention tool. I keep saying this over and over but I can’t stress it enough…REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY OR PERSONS! We have caught many criminals just off of someone thinking something didn’t look right and calling us.


1. Be extra cautious about locking doors and windows when you leave the house, even for a short period of time.
2. If you will be out of town for an extended time, have a neighbor, friend, or family member watch your house, pick up the newspapers, and mail. Another option is to have your mail delivery suspended during your absence from home.
3. Place automatic timers on your indoor light. Lights cycling on and off will give the perception that someone is home.
4. For short periods away from home, leave a TV or radio on inside the residence to make the house sound occupied.
5. Large holiday displays or gifts inside the residence should not be visible through the windows or doors.
6. When setting up a tree or other holiday decorations, make sure all passageways are clear inside your home.
7. If you put up a tree, ensure it is mounted on a sturdy base, make sure all wiring is not damaged, and keep it in water or wet sand to keep it green.
8. Never place gift wrapping paper in your fireplace.
9. Make sure you have adequate lighting both inside and outside your home as most home burglars do not like well lit areas.
10. Yes, here it comes…ALWAYS report suspicious activity or persons in your area. Remember, if you see something, say something! We are all in this together and we need you help in keeping Plano a safe community.

Don’t forget, we offer FREE Home Security Assessments to our citizens. Call 972-941-2431 today to schedule yours.

Holiday Hay-Ride & Hot Cocoa

December 5, 2013

katiecocoaThe winter weather has arrived in DFW so let’s bundle up and celebrate the season!  Grab your family, coats, scarves, mittens, blankets, and your singing voice for an old fashioned caroling hay-ride around the neighborhood to enjoy the holiday lights.  Then stick around for some hot cocoa and earn some Verizon FiOS swag playing games at the FiOS tent.  The event will be fun for the entire family.


  • When: Saturday, December 14 from 6 to 8pm (or however long the hot cocoa lasts!)
  • Where: The Bellerive Dr. Amenity Center & Tennis Court
  • What:  – Caroling Hay-Ride provided by Mike & Lori Ward, The Lori Ward Team – Keller Williams Realty and games and prizes provided by Verizon FiOS

We can use volunteers to help decorate before the event, provide thermal carafes to keep the hot cocoa HOT, lead the singing on the hay-ride, and help cleaning up after the event!  If you can help out, please contact event coordinator Stephanie Granberry at StephanieS.Granberry@tennethealth.com.

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