Holiday Lights Winners!

Welcome to the 2014 grind Ridgeview Ranch neighbors.  But before we dive into the business of a new year, let’s celebrate the homeowners’ whose decorating efforts earned some recognition for the 2013 holiday season!

Grand Prize – 9720 Kennemer

9720 Kennemer


Manors Winner – 2601 Royal Birkdale

2601 Royal Birkdale


West Winner – 9717 Kingsmill

9717 Kingsmill


Estates Winner – 2916 Woods

2916 Woods


Villages Winner – 9220 Azinger

9220 Azinger


In addition to these beautiful homes, a few other residents earned honorable mentions for their efforts!

2920 Woods

2920 Woods


9224 Azinger

9224 Azinger (1)


9825 Sota Grande

9825 Sota Grande


9733 Kingsmill

9733 Kingsmill


Great Job Ridgeview Ranch!  Thank you to the Beautification Committee and Chair Duke Bond for your efforts in recognizing these special homeowners.  Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity in 2014!