Spring Garage Sale

April 30, 2014

garage_sale.jpgTime to clean out those closets and garages and make some extra cash!  Our community-wide garage sale is THIS Saturday from 8am to 3pm.  Both Ridgeview Ranch and Fairways of Ridgeview communities are taking part.  We posted some ideas to help you get the most out of your sale last year.  Here’s the link…


Don’t forget, you mist register your sale with the City of Plano.  The link to register is below…


Happy Selling!


April Yard of the Month Program and Timely Tips

April 24, 2014

The Ridgeview Ranch Yard of the Month Program sponsored by Calloway’s Nursery is BACK!  Neighborhood volunteers will be out the last week of each month picking their favorite yards for special recognition and a Calloway’s gift card.  To help you get your yards and plants looking their best, Calloway’s has provided us with “Timely Tips” each month and some special Saturday seminars for homeowners.

Timely Tips for April Gardeners:

The meaning of the word April is “to open” or “opening”. This is the month of rebirth and hope for the future.

We celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd; a day when we express our concerns for the environment. Many organic products are offered to help you develop a naturally-inspired green environment. There are also traditional solutions for the gardener who is exploring the “greener” side.

A successful garden begins with good soil. Organic material is important to the soil composition. It helps with drainage and increases the soil microbe population. Expanded shale is used to break up hard, compacted clay soils. Top dress your flowerbeds and containers with organic mulches. They not only break down slowly putting organic material back into the soil but, the also prevent weeds, conserve moisture and cool the soil during the heat of our Texas Summer.

There is a large variety of planting materials available at this time as you “open” or give rebirth to your landscape. Foundation shrubs, trees, perennials, annuals, groundcovers and a large variety of vegetables and herbs can create new hope for your landscape’s future.

Final April Clinic:

Saturday, April 26: Simply Spectacular Hibiscus, The easy way! (10:15)

A spot with morning sun and afternoon shade is the perfect location for Hibiscus. Flowers are showy and open in Summer in various shades of blue, red and white. Hibiscus does not require a lot of maintenance.

Annual Meeting Wrap-up

April 16, 2014

fa1The Ridgeview Ranch Homeowners Association, Inc. had our annual meeting of the membership, Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 7:00pm at the Maribelle M. Davis Library in Plano. The purpose of the meeting was to present accomplishments of 2013, goals for 2014 and to elect two (2) directors to the HOA board.  One-hundred, sixty-two (162) HOA members sent in their proxies prior to the meeting and approximately sixty-four (64) HOA members attended the meeting in person. THANK YOU!

Board President, Lisa Coppinger welcomed members to the meeting, and called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.  A quorum of twenty percent of the membership was required to attend the meeting either in person or by proxy in order to elect officers and conduct any other necessary business.  Fortunately, the required quorum was met.  Ms. Coppinger introduced directors Alex Johnson and Warren Davidson and the CCMC staff.   Two owners, Mr. Tony Rizzo and Mr. Mark Smith, submitted applications prior to the meeting for the two open positions on the HOA board of directors.  Ms. Coppinger asked if there were any additional nominees from the floor.  With no other candidates nominated, Mr. Rizzo and Mr. Smith won directorships by acclamation.

With the elections completed, Ms. Coppinger began a number of presentations by the board, committee chairs and special guests. Presentors included:

  • President Lisa Coppinger presented the HOA’s accomplishments of 2013 and goals for 2014
  • Treasurer Alex Johnson presented an overview of the 2014 HOA budget and how the membership’s annual assessments are utilized for the Association.
  • Architectural Control Committee Chair, Karen Fairchild presented information regarding the committee members and their years of service on the committee, the powers, purpose and duties of the committee along with the process they follow and the comittee’s genreal turnaround times.
  • Charles Richardson with the City of Plano’s Property Standards Department gave a brief presentation regarding the duties of his department, how they relate to the HOA guidelines and what we can do to keep our neighborhood looking good and our property values high.
  • Plano City Councilwoman Andre`Davidson  spoke to those in attendance about the water shortage in North Texas and the steps that homeowners and HOA’s can take to help protect the water we do have.

The entire Annual Meeting presentation can be downloaded below.

Ms. Coppinger recognized community volunteers John McGraw, Stephanie Granberry and ACC members Caroline Chandler, Ken Dykeman, Karen Fairchild, Billy Guynup, Max Robinson, Ellen Safley and Stacy Turner.  Look for more information coming soon about what these great volunteers do in our community and why they were recognized!

Ms. Coppinger then opened the floor to questions from the membership.  Topics of discussion included:

  • How CCMC factors into the ACC process
  • The voliation and fining notification process
  • The status of the leaning retaining wall along Independence
  • How often Architectural Guidelines are updated and what process they have to go through to be added to our governing documents
  • How does CCMC track historical ACC data

A questions and answers article will be posted on the website in the coming weeks that will include all questions submitted prior to the meeting along with the results of the survey sent out to homeowners along with the meeting notice.

To close out the meeting, CCMC conducted drawings for $50 gift cards and one six-month assessment.  Gift cards were awarded to homeowners at 2400 Geiberger, 9100 Couples and Ms. Gina Lahiri who was in attendance.  The six-month assessment was awarded to the homeowner at 9200 Azinger.

Thank you for your participation in our association governance.  We hope to see you again next year!

Egg Hunt Postponed!

April 13, 2014

Hey Ridgeview Ranch Peeps!  The Spring Egg Hunt & Celebration has been postponed for today.  We will try again Friday, April 18th at 7:00pm due to todays spring like weather!  Enjoy your rainy day!

Chicks and Bunnies and Plastic Eggs – Oh My!

April 10, 2014


Springtime – that time of year when we see re-newal of all living things. The grass is growing, trees are sprouting new green leaves, flowers are blooming and kids are dreaming about searching for brightly-colored plastic eggs filled with sweet treats and fun prizes.

Well kids!  Your dream is coming true here in Ridgeview Ranch this Sunday, April 13 at 2pm!  Come to the Community Amenities Center on Bellerive Dr. (by the tennis courts, pool and playground) and bring 12 plastic eggs stuffed with candy, stickers or small toys with you.  Your eggs will be added to the bunch and our kids can scramble to “hunt” for eggs promptly at 2:15pm.  Be sure to arrive early to be part of the hunt.

Then, hang around for more springtime fun including a prize tent provided by Mark & Cindy Baglietto with Keller Williams Realtors, a petting zoo with baby critters like bunnies and chicks, and a photo-op with Mrs. Bunny herself.  A true celebration of all things spring!

If you have questions, contact Special Events Chair Bridget Todd at bridgettodd@sbcglobal.net.

“HOP” to see you there!

Wind, Rain & Hail Pound Ridgeview Ranch

April 4, 2014

The always unpredictable spring weather has arrived once again in North Texas.  Honestly, who am I kidding, this has been a wild and wacky winter and has just extended into spring with our first tornadic activity of the season.  Although there were no tornadoes on the ground here in Ridgeview Ranch, damaging winds and hail were certainly present.  If your home or yard sustained damage due to the storms last night, please keep the following things in mind as you plan your repairs/improvements.

  • If you are making repairs that match your current approved roof, fence or landscaping, there is no need to submit an ACC project request.  Replacing “like with like” is considered standard maintenance and does not require approval if;
      1. they are the same as they were when the builder built the home or
      2. you received approval for your current roof fence and landscaping when you initially changed them
  • If you have damage and have decided this would be a good time to make an improvement or upgrade, understand that changing the footprint, materials or color of roofing and fencing all require ACC project approval BEFORE you begin work.

The ACC process is pretty simple, you submit your plans, colors, materials and descriptions of the projects on the required form and submit it to the ACC committee through CCMC.  The committee reviews the documents, asks any necessary questions and either approves or denies the project.  Our governing documents allow the committee 30 days to review the project, but our current committee has an average turnaround time of about 1 week especially if there are not missing details or questions about what is to be done.

In addition, Ridgeview Ranch’s Architectural Guidelines can help guide you in making choices for your home and yard that have been determined to maintain the architectural harmony of the neighborhood.  All of the necessary information, forms and documents can be found on our Architectural Control Committee page here.


If you do not fill out and submit an ACC project request or complete a project that is denied by the ACC committee, you are subject to fining by the HOA.  Fines range from $50 to $500 depending on the nature of the project and can be applied as often as every 10 days based on the nature and scope of the violation.  Contractor signs are also not allowed in Ridgeview Ranch.  Please tell your contractors not to place the sign in your yard or to remove them when work is completed.

I you have questions or concerns about the procedure, your project or any other questions about the ACC process, please contact our CCMC Community Manager Melissa Verde @ mverde@ccmcnet.com or 469-246-3503