Wind, Rain & Hail Pound Ridgeview Ranch

The always unpredictable spring weather has arrived once again in North Texas.  Honestly, who am I kidding, this has been a wild and wacky winter and has just extended into spring with our first tornadic activity of the season.  Although there were no tornadoes on the ground here in Ridgeview Ranch, damaging winds and hail were certainly present.  If your home or yard sustained damage due to the storms last night, please keep the following things in mind as you plan your repairs/improvements.

  • If you are making repairs that match your current approved roof, fence or landscaping, there is no need to submit an ACC project request.  Replacing “like with like” is considered standard maintenance and does not require approval if;
      1. they are the same as they were when the builder built the home or
      2. you received approval for your current roof fence and landscaping when you initially changed them
  • If you have damage and have decided this would be a good time to make an improvement or upgrade, understand that changing the footprint, materials or color of roofing and fencing all require ACC project approval BEFORE you begin work.

The ACC process is pretty simple, you submit your plans, colors, materials and descriptions of the projects on the required form and submit it to the ACC committee through CCMC.  The committee reviews the documents, asks any necessary questions and either approves or denies the project.  Our governing documents allow the committee 30 days to review the project, but our current committee has an average turnaround time of about 1 week especially if there are not missing details or questions about what is to be done.

In addition, Ridgeview Ranch’s Architectural Guidelines can help guide you in making choices for your home and yard that have been determined to maintain the architectural harmony of the neighborhood.  All of the necessary information, forms and documents can be found on our Architectural Control Committee page here.

If you do not fill out and submit an ACC project request or complete a project that is denied by the ACC committee, you are subject to fining by the HOA.  Fines range from $50 to $500 depending on the nature of the project and can be applied as often as every 10 days based on the nature and scope of the violation.  Contractor signs are also not allowed in Ridgeview Ranch.  Please tell your contractors not to place the sign in your yard or to remove them when work is completed.

I you have questions or concerns about the procedure, your project or any other questions about the ACC process, please contact our CCMC Community Manager Melissa Verde @ or 469-246-3503