Annual Meeting Wrap-up

fa1The Ridgeview Ranch Homeowners Association, Inc. had our annual meeting of the membership, Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 7:00pm at the Maribelle M. Davis Library in Plano. The purpose of the meeting was to present accomplishments of 2013, goals for 2014 and to elect two (2) directors to the HOA board.  One-hundred, sixty-two (162) HOA members sent in their proxies prior to the meeting and approximately sixty-four (64) HOA members attended the meeting in person. THANK YOU!

Board President, Lisa Coppinger welcomed members to the meeting, and called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.  A quorum of twenty percent of the membership was required to attend the meeting either in person or by proxy in order to elect officers and conduct any other necessary business.  Fortunately, the required quorum was met.  Ms. Coppinger introduced directors Alex Johnson and Warren Davidson and the CCMC staff.   Two owners, Mr. Tony Rizzo and Mr. Mark Smith, submitted applications prior to the meeting for the two open positions on the HOA board of directors.  Ms. Coppinger asked if there were any additional nominees from the floor.  With no other candidates nominated, Mr. Rizzo and Mr. Smith won directorships by acclamation.

With the elections completed, Ms. Coppinger began a number of presentations by the board, committee chairs and special guests. Presentors included:

  • President Lisa Coppinger presented the HOA’s accomplishments of 2013 and goals for 2014
  • Treasurer Alex Johnson presented an overview of the 2014 HOA budget and how the membership’s annual assessments are utilized for the Association.
  • Architectural Control Committee Chair, Karen Fairchild presented information regarding the committee members and their years of service on the committee, the powers, purpose and duties of the committee along with the process they follow and the comittee’s genreal turnaround times.
  • Charles Richardson with the City of Plano’s Property Standards Department gave a brief presentation regarding the duties of his department, how they relate to the HOA guidelines and what we can do to keep our neighborhood looking good and our property values high.
  • Plano City Councilwoman Andre`Davidson  spoke to those in attendance about the water shortage in North Texas and the steps that homeowners and HOA’s can take to help protect the water we do have.

The entire Annual Meeting presentation can be downloaded below.

Ms. Coppinger recognized community volunteers John McGraw, Stephanie Granberry and ACC members Caroline Chandler, Ken Dykeman, Karen Fairchild, Billy Guynup, Max Robinson, Ellen Safley and Stacy Turner.  Look for more information coming soon about what these great volunteers do in our community and why they were recognized!

Ms. Coppinger then opened the floor to questions from the membership.  Topics of discussion included:

  • How CCMC factors into the ACC process
  • The voliation and fining notification process
  • The status of the leaning retaining wall along Independence
  • How often Architectural Guidelines are updated and what process they have to go through to be added to our governing documents
  • How does CCMC track historical ACC data

A questions and answers article will be posted on the website in the coming weeks that will include all questions submitted prior to the meeting along with the results of the survey sent out to homeowners along with the meeting notice.

To close out the meeting, CCMC conducted drawings for $50 gift cards and one six-month assessment.  Gift cards were awarded to homeowners at 2400 Geiberger, 9100 Couples and Ms. Gina Lahiri who was in attendance.  The six-month assessment was awarded to the homeowner at 9200 Azinger.

Thank you for your participation in our association governance.  We hope to see you again next year!