Beautiful Start for the Yard of the Month Program

Who knew that working on your yard could not only give you a sense of pride, but also some spending money for additional improvements!  Calloway’s is sponsoring the Ridgeview Ranch Yard of the Month program once again this season by providing gift cards each month, April through September for hard working homeowners in each section of Ridgview Ranch!  We are two months into this season’s program and we would like to take this time to thank our homeowners for doing such a great job maintaining their homes.  The homes being highlighted for their beautiful yards and flower beds were selected during the last weeks of April and May.

Congratulations to the homeowners at:

  • 9200 Azinger
  • 9236 Azinger
  • 9700 Beck
  • 9701 Kennemer
  • 2924 Moody
  • 3300 Paradise Valley
  • 2600 Royal Birkdale
  • 9717 Windburn

You have set a beautiful example for our community!  Beautification committee members drive the neighborhood each month looking for homeowners to reward for their efforts.  Get out there and enjoy working on your home this summer!  It could earn you some extra money to put towards your home and yard improvements! And thanks as always to Calloways for sponsoring the Yard of the Month program each year.