Contractor Signs in Ridgeview Ranch



Have you noticed the number of roofs being replaced in Ridgeview Ranch this season?  It seems spring storms did a number on us once again and homeowners are being proactive about making the needed repairs.  As you have inspections done and prepare for these projects in your own home, please be sure you are following our HOA rules and submitting an ACC project request form BEFORE you begin the work if you make any changes to your existing roof or trim color.

In addition, as a homeowner in Ridgeview Ranch, you should be aware that our governing documents have rules that prohibit the display of signage in your yard.

Specifically, Article 7, Section 8, Sub-section S of our Declaration of Convenents, Conditions and Restrictions states, “No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any Lot except one (1) professional sign of not more than six (6) square feet advertising the property for rent or sale.”  It goes on to say, ” The Committee (meaning the ACC) shall have the right to remove any sign, billboard or other advertising structure that does not comply with the foregoing requirements and in doing so shall not be subject to any liability for tresspass or any other liability in connection with such removal.”

You should have these documents in your possession from when you bought your home, but for your convenience they are also posted online in our documents section.

ACC and other community volunteers are also going around the community removing these signs and placing them on the homeowner’s front porches.  You may call your contractor to come have them remove the sign or remove it yourself, just please do not keep in in your yard after work has been completed on your home.

Thank you for your cooperation!