Community Garage Sale

Clean out those closets, cabinets and garages and make a little cash!  It all happens this weekend, Saturday, October 4 from 8am to 2pm.  Just follow these steps to participate:

1.  Each home must register with the City of Plano.  Go to and print out your permit – just in case.
2. Pick up signs and balloons at the Bellerive Fitness Center/Pool Clubhouse Friday October 3rd anytime after 1pm.  Please take 1 balloon and 2 to 3 signs.  And don’t forget your card key to get into the clubhouse!
3. The garage sale is Saturday from 8am to 2pm.  The sale will be advertised on Craigslist and signs will be placed at our entrances at least a week before the sale begins.  Please be advised that signs must be placed on private property or they will be taken by the city.
4. Each participant is encouraged to tell friends, family, co-workers about the sale and are encouraged to talk about it on their social media sites like facebook, twitter and instagram.  You are also encouraged to take out your own garage sale ad on Craigslist including the specific items you have for sale to help make the event a greater success.  The more media we have out there promoting the event the better.
5. The Manor – The Management Company will be sure that a temporary gate code is assigned for the weekend of the sale and is posted on the call boxes at each gate entrance.
6. Donations – After the sale, call your favorite charity for a special pick-up of your unsold items.  There was a great dea of difficulty associated with providing a donation truck for your unsold items after the sale.  Many charities will no longer pick up garage sale items and without volunteers to load, supervise and pass out donation receipts for an on-site truck, it became impossible to continue to provide this service.