Ridgeview Ranch Manor – Gate Improvements on the Way!

April 17, 2015

For months we have been encountering issues with a basic need we encounter each day, entering and exiting our community. We have all experienced issues on various occasions and have reported this to our community management company, CCMC. They have alerted the gate company to come and repair what is broken, and they have patched the problems for several years.

Unfortunately, a major breakdown took place early in April. We requested that Metropolitan Gate do an extensive review of all entrances. Based on our discussions with the vendor, the gate motors at both St. Anne’s and Royal Birkdale (entry and exit) will be replaced, upgraded, and have battery backup added as well. Installation of the four motors will be completed in the next two weeks.

This repair provides significant improvements in the reliability of the gates and increases community security.

A letter with additional details will be sent to all Manor homeowners Friday.


Your Ridgeview Ranch HOA


2014 is Officially Wrapped!

April 9, 2015

The Ridgeview Ranch Homeowners’ Association, Inc. had our annual meeting of the membership, Thursday, April 2, 2015 at 7:00pm at the Maribelle M. Davis Library in Plano.  The purpose of the meeting was to present accomplishments of 2014, goals for 2015 and to elect two (2) directors to the HOa board.  One-hundred, seventy-four (174) HOA members sent in their proxies prior to the meeting and approximately forty-five (45) HOA members attended the meeting in preson.  THANK YOU!

Board President, Lisa Coppinger welcomed members to the meeting, and called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.  Quorum to conduct the business of the meeting was obtained by proxy the day prior to the meeting.   Ms. Coppinger introduced directors Alex Johnson, Warren Davidson and Tony Rizzo and CCMC employees in attendance Diane Parker, Joyce Jagodzinski, Melissa Verde and Debra Campbell.  Members in attendance reviewed the minutes of last year’s annual meeting and after a motion by Mr. David Williams and a second by Mr. Danny Davis, the minutes were approved.

With two director’s terms expiring, nomination forms for the board were sent out with the annual meeting notice in early March.  Ms Doris Gallagher and Mr. George Tanghongs submitted nomination forms prior to the meeting for the two open positions.  After both candidates addressed the attendees briefly, Ms. Coppinger asked if there were any additional nominees from the floor.  With no other candidates nominated, Ms. Gallagher and Mr. Tanghongs won directorships by acclamation.

With the elections completed, Ms. Coppinger began a number of presentations by the board, committee chairs and special guests. Items presented include:

  • Shahrzad Tavana, Senior Engineer with the City of Plano, presented information on the City funded project to replace failing retaining walls and landscaping along Independence dr.
  • President Lisa Coppinger presented the HOA’s accomplishments of 2014 and goals for 2015.  She also asked for residents to volunteer to help on one of the four established committees.
  • Vice President Alex Johnson presented an overview of the 2015 HOA budget and how the membership’s annual assessments are utilized for the Association.

The entire Annual Meeting presentation can be downloaded below.

 2015 Annual Meeting Presentation

Ms. Coppinger then opened the floor to questions from the membership.  Topics of discussion included:

  • Common area and entrance landscaping issues
  • The violation and fining notification process
  • Parking and safety issues along streets and the possibility of a parking policy
  • Manor gate issues and the cost of maintenance for Manor residents
  • The possibility of a special assessment to cover improvement costs at entrance monuments

A questions and answers article will be posted on the website in the coming weeks that will include all questions submitted prior to the meeting along with the results of the survey sent out to homeowners along with the meeting notice.

To close out the meeting, CCMC conducted 2 drawings for all residents who participated in the meeting either in person or by proxy. Homeowners at 2644 Royal Birkdale won a $1,000 front-yard makeover provided by Lindsey’s Lawn and Landscape Company.  Homeowners at 2804 Royal Troon won a $50 gift card.

Thank you for your participation in our association governance.  We hope to see you again next year!