Annual HOA Meeting Wrap-up

The annual meeting of the Ridgeview Ranch Homeowners Association was Thursday, April 6th at 7:00PM at the Maribelle M. Davis Library on Independence Rd., in Plano.  Fifty-one homeowners were in attendance representing thirty-six homes in our community.  In combination with proxies submitted, a quorum was met and the HOA board was able to conduct the necessary business of electing two new directors to the board.  Congratulations to our new directors Bridget Todd and Dione Beilgard.

Board President, Tony Rizzo gave a presentation of accomplishments for the past year and improvements being made in 2016.  Treasurer, George Tanghongs presented slides related the the HOA budget and how homeowner’s funds are used to support the community.  The entire presentation is included below:


Highlights include extensive plans to overhaul the landscaping and monument signs at all eighteen neighborhood entrances.  And, because of a grant from the City of Plano, the HOA will be installing horse sculptures to further enhance the entrances along with the new landscaping that is in process of installation now.

A number of homeowner questions were submitted prior to the meeting.  Topics included entrance landscaping, ACC committee service, enforcement of neighborhood standards, parking on streets, fitness room issues, rental properties and timeliness of board actions.  Answers were given as part of the overall presentation or as part of the discussion afterwards.

In addition, School Board candidate and Ridgeview Ranch homeowner, Anjali M. Shirvalkar, addressed the assembly and asked for their vote.  To wrap up the meeting a $50 gift certificate was awarded to resident Suresh Pankaj.

If you need additional details, please use the board email form on the contact page of this website, or contact our neighborhood manager, Diane Parker with CCMC.  Until next year!