Architectural Control Committee

July 2015:  The ACC has released updated Ridgeview Ranch HOA Design and Development Standards – see below.  Be sure to download the submittal form and submit it to the ACC BEFORE you make any changes to the exterior of your home or lot, as required by our Bylaws.  See Project Submittal Instructions below.

Download free Adobe Acrobat Reader to allow you to enter your project request directly into the above ACC Project Form at

Purpose of the Architectural Control Committee (aka “ACC”)

The ACC was established through Article 15 of the Ridgeview Ranch HOA Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) as “…the governing body charged with using its best efforts to promote and ensure a high level of taste, design, quality, harmony and conformity throughout the Project…”  Article 15 further states that “No improvement shall be commenced, improved, altered, nor shall any grading, excavation, tree removal, landscaping or change of exterior color or other work which in any way alters the exterior appearance of an Improvement be done without prior written approval of the Committee.”

The ACC is a committee consisting of no less than three members appointed by the HOA board who provide a system of review for the construction and/or modification of all improvements within the community.  Basically, an “improvement”, as defined in our governing documents, is ANY change to the exterior of any home or lot or HOA common areas. All exterior changes need to be reviewed by the ACC.   However, any replacement of “like with like”, such as repairing a fence with the same materials, replacing trees or plants with similar trees or plants, painting the exterior of your home the same color it already is, are considered maintenance items – not changes.  Maintenance items do not need to be reviewed by the ACC.

Project Submittal Instructions

Please download and review the  Current Design Standards document above to see the current standards for various types of projects in Ridgeview Ranch.

Download, an ACC Project Submittal Form document above.

Fill out and submit the ACC Project Submittal Form BEFORE beginning any home improvement project, or you are subject to fines.  (See “Where To Submit ACC Project Submittal Forms” section below.)

Here are some things the ACC typically needs to conduct a review of your project:

  • Please include colors, types of materials, sizes, location, drawings etc. of your project as well as your current colors and materials you are replacing.  (We need to be able to visualize what your final project is going to look like with your current house and lot.)
  • Links to online webpages showing your project are always helpful.
  • Manufacturer’s name for roofing, paint, windows, etc. and their product and color names are helpful too so we can locate them on the web.
  • We usually need a picture of your house showing your current brick, trim, and roof colors for any changes to the exterior of the house.
  • For changes to fences and landscaping we typically need a map of your lot showing the locations of your project. (Copies of your survey map from when you bought your house, or screen prints of your lot off of one of the internet maps (e.g., and then mark those up.
  • Keep in mind the ACC reviews for aesthetics — how it looks – we do not review for structural soundness.

Please be aware that contractor signs are restricted in Ridgeview Ranch.  See “Contractor Signs in Ridgeview Ranch” in “Most Recent ACC News” section below.

Please note that the ACC has up to 30 days to conduct a review once a complete project submission request is received.  We typically turn these around much sooner than 30 days, but for complex projects, please allow ample time and the more detail you can provide the quicker the review process can be.  

Please note that it is not possible to detail requirements for every improvement that could possibly be conceived by our homeowners, so if you have a project that does not have specific standard listed in the Design Standards document, you can contact the ACC through CCMC our community management company for assistance.  Just because there are no explicit standards for your exterior project, does NOT exempt homeowners from going through the required ACC review process. 

ALL projects must at a minimum be reviewed “to assure consistent application of aesthetic standards, suitability, harmony, conformity with the neighborhood and other factors the ACC deems relevant”, per our governing documents.

Where To Submit ACC Project Submittal Forms

You can submit your ACC Project Submittal Form and required additional materials via email, fax or in person.

Email your completed ACC Project Submittal Form along with attachments to:

OR – Fax this form and attachments to the ACC fax number at: (972) 236-0034.

OR – If you do not have access to email or a fax, you can use regular mail, or drop off your request in person to this address:

ACC Project Submittal Request
c/o Ridgeview Ranch HOA CCMC
7800 Dallas Parkway #450
Plano, TX 75024


Call CCMC and ask for the Ridgeview Ranch Community Manager (888) 257-1388, or email the ACC directly at

If you have problems getting through to a CCMC direct dialed extensions, use the following general customer service number and ask for the Ridgeview Ranch Community Manager at:  Phone # 888-257-1388.

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