Calloway’s Yard of the Month Selections – August 2016

August 8, 2016

Congratulations to the following homeowners for being selected as a Calloway’s Yard-of-the-Month recipient.

Recipients received gift certificate from Calloway’s and yard signs recognizing their hard work for the month in which they were selected.  If you see these folks out and about, please congratulate them for helping to make Ridgeview Ranch more beautiful!


The Calloway’s Yard of the Month program runs from April through September so keep working on those yards, you still have time to win!



Calloway’s Timely Tips for August Gardeners

August 8, 2016

August is here and needless to say, it is HOT! However, Fall is right around the corner and here are a few tips to get you through the dog days of Summer. This is usually one of the driest months for our region, and rainfall may be sparse. When and how you water becomes even more important.


Make the best use of the water you have by watering early in the morning before the wind speeds pick up. Otherwise, much of the water will evaporate before the plants get to use it. To further avoid excess evaporation, use a sprinkler that produces large drops of water instead of a fine mist. Plants need about one inch of water each week during this long Summer period. If you have heavy clay soil adjust the timing of the irrigation zones to make sure water is not running off the landscape. Your irrigation schedule should be adjusted to allow for slow infiltration of the water.


Soil that is exposed can heat up to more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This is hot enough to kill those tender roots near the surface. Three to four inches of mulch can make the soil 10 to 20 degrees cooler. Besides reducing soil temperature, mulches also conserve water by reducing evaporation, often up to 65 percent.


August is the last month to plant a new lawn before Winter temperatures arrive. Newly-installed lawns need at least six to eight weeks to establish a healthy root system.
Prune roses back, but do not remove more than one-third of the plant. Prune and remove spent blooms on annuals and perennials to encourage continuous blooming well into Fall.
Tomatoes and Peppers planted earlier this year will not produce fruit during the heat of the Summer, even though they may still be flowering. If the plants remain healthy, they will bear fruit again once the temperature stays below 90 degrees. Remember to fertilize established, healthy plants and keep them watered to encourage new growth. Set out Tomato transplants; look for early maturing variety (65 to 75 days). Our average first freeze is mid-November and Tomato maturity slows down as the days get cool and cloudy.


Stop by your nearest Calloway’s Nursery for friendly, expert advice from one of our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals.


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Calloway’s Timely Tips for July Gardeners

July 11, 2016

Gardening activities usually slow down in the Summertime as the temperature continues to climb into the 90’s and beyond. Because it is often a very dry and hot month, maintenance is the focus. The best time to do any kind of gardening or maintenance is early in the morning or late in the day when temperatures are cooler. Now is the time to sit back and relax while enjoying the beautiful garden areas you’ve created.

Proper watering is essential to keep plants healthy during the Summer. It is best to water as deeply and infrequently as possible, as opposed to frequent light sprinklings. This will encourage a deeper root system that can take advantage of water stored in the soil.

One of the best strategies for getting shrubs and young trees through Summertime is to apply a thick layer of mulch over the root systems of plants. Mulches break down over time, so if it has been awhile since you’ve mulched, check all the plants in your yard. A three to four inch layer will prevent most evaporation from the soil and lower the soil temperature in the root zone, reducing stress on the root system.

Drip irrigation combined with mulch is an excellent way to maintain your garden and lawn. Drip irrigation, also known as trickle irrigation or micro irrigation is a method that saves water and fertilizer by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, either into the soil surface or directly into the root zone, through a network of valves, pipes, tubing, and emitters. It is done through narrow tubes that deliver water directly to the base of the plant. This allows for fertilizer and nutrient loss to be minimized due to localized application and reduced leaching. Soil erosion and weed growth is also lessened with this type of irrigation. Drip irrigation also allows the foliage to remain dry which reducing the risk of disease.   If drip irrigation is not an option, consider using soaker hoses to provide a good source of water to your garden or bedding plants.

Water plants in containers and hanging baskets more frequently in the Summer to keep them from drying out. This can leach out plant nutrients from the soil, so use a water-soluble fertilizer regularly to keep your plants growing and healthy.

Information courtesy of Calloway’s Nursery©,

Calloway’s Yard of the Month Selections – July 2016

July 11, 2016

Congratulations to the following homeowners whose yards were selected as the best in our neighborhood for the month of July!  Selected homes are given recognition with a sign in their yard and will also receive a gift certificate from Calloway’s.

The Calloway’s Yard of the Month program runs from April through September so keep working on those yards, you still have time to win!

Calloway’s Yard of the Month Selections – June 2016

June 20, 2016

Please congratulate the homeowners at the following addresses for their hard work and dedication to making Ridgeview Ranch a beautiful place to live.

Homeowners selected by our beautification committee each month receive a gift certificate to Calloway’s Nursery and have a sign in their yard giving them recognition for their hard work for the month in which they are selected.  Great job neighbors!!!

Keep working on your yards and planting beds and you may just be selected as a Yard of the Month for July!

Calloway’s Timely Tips for Gardeners – June 2016

June 3, 2016


Summertime activities are getting into full swing and so is everything at Calloway’s and Cornelius. Take advantage of the longer days by enjoying your gardening in the morning or evening when the temperature is not at its peak and it is more pleasant to be outside.

June weather means grass will be growing faster, too. Keep up with the mowing so you don’t have to bag the clippings. That may mean mowing every 5 or 6 days instead of every 7 to 10 days. Letting the clippings fall back into the lawn recycles nutrients, but does not promote thatch. Mowing frequently at the correct height will promote a healthy, thick turf that is resistant to weeds.

As Spring rains subside and give way to drier days, apply supplemental water as needed. The rule of thumb is to water enough to wet the soil 5 to 6 inches deep. However, try not to water too much. Frequent surface watering promotes a shallow root system that is more susceptible to the stress of Summer heat.

The best way to conserve moisture in the landscape is by mulching. A 3 to 4 inch layer over the root zone retains moisture, keeps the soil cooler, and helps prevent weed seeds from germinating under shrubs, trees, and flowers. You’ll find a variety of great mulches like Calloway’s Shredded Hardwood Mulch and Calloway’s Cedar Mulch.

June is a great month for colorful Summer annuals. In a sunny location try Marigolds, Salvia, Periwinkles, Dusty Miller, Crotons, and Lantana to add a pop of color. Caladiums, Coleus, Impatiens, and Begonias are a great choice for shady areas.

Summer tropical plants are perfectly at home in our Texas heat and humidity. Stunning Hibiscus, Esperanza, and Plumbago are available at Calloway’s and Cornelius. Plant them in the ground for quick growth or in pots or tubs so they can be moved indoors easily when temperatures fall.

Information is courtesy of Calloway’s Nursery at


May Yard of the Month Selections Announced

May 18, 2016

Please congratulate these neighbors for the great job they are doing keeping their yards and homes beautiful!

The Yard of the Month program lasts from April through September.  June selections will be made during the first week of the month.  Selected homeowners receive a gift certificate from Calloway’s so get outside and get those lawns and plantings shaped up for the season!


Timely Tips for May Gardeners

April 29, 2016

…From Calloway’s and Cornelius

May is the month that makes us think of beautiful flowers. Visits to Calloway’s or Cornelius Nursery, the Dallas Arboretum, and the Fort Worth Botanic Garden will stimulate lots of new ideas and possibilities for your landscape.

Remember Mother’s Day is May 8th! Moms of all ages will love something garden related as a Mother’s Day gift. Instead of the usual vase of cut flowers; plan ahead and give that special person a naturally-inspired bouquet that changes with seasons, a beautiful Container Creation. Choose from our pre-made selections or design one yourself. Tropical Hibiscus & Hydrangeas make a stunning presentation . Succulents are also a great option and they are perfect in our terrariums as well.

Although your Pansies may still be looking great in early May, it’s the perfect time to include some Summer flowering plants like Hibiscus and Periwinkles. You’ll find a beautiful selection of annuals and perennials to give you lots of vibrant color.

Pinch back growth of newly planted annual and perennial plants. This results in shorter, compact plants with more flowers. Allow the foliage of Daffodils and other Spring flowering bulbs to mature and yellow before removing.

Spread a second application of pre-emergent for crabgrass and other grassy weeds. Fertilize lawns with a final feeding before Summer. Fertilize roses every four to six weeks and control black spot with a systemic fungicide. Feed trees and shrubs with Calloway’s 16-8-8 Tree and Shrub Food.

May Garden Series

Saturday, May 7th at 10:15 am – When? Where? Why? Perennials vs. Annuals
Saturday, May 14th at 10:15 am – Create a Color Extravaganza for Poolside & Patio
Saturday, May 21st at 10:15 am – Design Picture-Worthy Landscapes
Saturday, May 28th at 10:15 am – Be Green with Drip Irrigation

Information is courtesy of Calloway’s Nursery at Attribution to Calloway’s required for all use and reproduction.




Timely Tips for April Gardeners

April 11, 2016

…From Calloway’s and Cornelius

April means “to open” or “opening”, in allusion to it being the season when trees and flowers begin to “open”. This is the month of rebirth and hope for the future. April means Spring so; get out your gardening tools and get moving. Calloway’s and Cornelius Nursery are fully stocked with all kinds of plants and products for every purpose for today’s gardeners.  Consider adding Native Plants such as Texas Sage, Red Yucca, and Mexican Heather to your landscape. Native plants are perfect for our Texas Summer heat better than most, require less water, require less mowing, provide habitats for birds, butterflies and other wildlife, protect the soil, and save on fertilizes and insecticides.

A successful garden begins with good soil. Organic material is important to the soil composition. It helps with drainage and increases the microbe population. Expanded shale is used to break up hard compacted clay soils. Top dress your flowerbeds and containers with organic mulches.

Hopefully you have your tomatoes, peppers, squash, and other warm season vegetables already planted; if not get them in the ground right away. To get the highest yields, make additions of fertilizer (called side dressing) every couple of weeks, starting about a month after transplanting or seeding. If your yard is too small for a traditional garden plot, try gardening in containers. The bigger the container, the better!

If you want to create a truly dynamic garden, inviting colorful guests like butterflies and hummingbirds is definitely the way to go. Butterflies like sunshine and plenty of space to fly around, so opt for a sunny, open spot. Both enjoy having some type of cover as a resting spot. Your garden can even include a water feature for butterflies and hummingbirds to play in.

St. Augustine and Bermuda lawns should be actively growing now; so it is a great time to apply fertilizer. Please consult one of our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals for the best advice for your lawn. A correctly fertilized lawn now will better help your lawn to handle the Texas Summer heat!


April Garden Series

Saturday, April 16th at 10:15 amPerfect Perennials for Texas Gardens
Saturday, April 23rd at 10:15 amEnchanting Butterfly & Hummingbird Gardens
Saturday, April 30th at 10:15 am – All DFW Locations – Edible Plants – Tasty Treats from the Garden,  Cornelius Nursery – Waterwise Gardens with Showoff Native Plants

Your HOA Needs YOU!

March 21, 2016

The annual meeting of the members of Ridgeview Ranch Homeowner Association, Inc., will be held on Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 7:00 P.M. at the Maribelle Davis Library, 7501 Independence Pkwy, Plano TX.  Registration will begin at 6:30P.M. and will include an opportunity for homeowners to meet and mingle with board candidates, current directors, committee chairs and fellow homeowners.

The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss accomplishments of 2015, objectives for 2016 and to elect two directors for the HOA Board.  Serving your community on the HOA board can be a very rewarding experience.  You will direct the efforts of our management company CCMC, make decisions about how homeowner’s dues are spent and direct efforts to keep our homes and community thriving.  Directors meet every other month and communicate via email if items come up that need attention between meetings.  If you are at all interested in how the HOA works, this is a great way to get involved and help manage the money you contribute to the community!

If you are interested in serving as a director, please complete the candidate form linked to below and return it to CCMC with your completed proxy by March 31, 2016.  Please return your proxy even if you plan to attend the meeting.  In order to make any decisions regarding our community and especially to elect directors to the board, we must have a quorum of our homeowners represented.  The quorum requirement is 20% so in real numbers that means we need 174 people to participate either in person or by proxy.  PLEASE take a minute to fill out and return your proxy by March 31.  One is attached below for your added convenience!

AND as an added bonus, any homeowner submitting their proxy by March 31, 2016 will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card.

You can use the following methods to return any and all of the forms to CCMC prior to the meeting.

Mailing address: 7800 Dallas Parkway #450, Plano, Texas 75024

fax 469-246-3501

Email to

Thank you for helping to make Ridgeview Ranch a wonderful community in which to live!

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