Holiday Lighting Contest

November 29, 2017

Annual Meeting Wrap Up

April 26, 2017

The Ridgeview Ranch Homeowners Association, Inc. had our Annual Meeting of the membership, Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at 7:00PM in the Maribelle M. Davis Library in Plano. The purpose of the meeting was to present accomplishments of 2016, goals for 2017 and to elect one (1) director to the HOA board. Two-hundred, thirty-seven (237) HOA members sent in their proxy/ballots prior to the meeting and approximately forty (40) HOA members attended the meeting in person.  THANK YOU!

If you were unable to attend the event in person, we have posted the meeting presentation here for your review.

Congratulations to Mrs. Anjali Shirvaikar who was elected to serve on the HOA Board of Directors for the next three years.  After the meeting, Directors held officer elections via email.  Officers are as follows:

President: Doris Gallagher

Vice President: Anjali Shrvaikar

Treasurer:  Dione Beilgard

Secretary:  Bridget Todd

Director At Large: George Tanghongs

These positions will be ratified at the next official meeting of the Board on May 16th at 12:00PM at the CCMC offices in Plano.  Officers are elected by the board annually.

Congratulations to the homeowner at 2900 Hagen who won a $50 gift card in the for prize drawing!

As always, you may contact the board via the contact form on this website or through the management company, CCMC, At the emails and numbers listed on the About and Contact pages of this site!  We hope to see you again in 2018!

2016 Holiday Decorating Contest Winners Announced!

December 24, 2016

Congratulations to the following homeowners for their fantastic job decorating their homes for the holidays.  Winners were picked in each of the four neighborhoods and one grand prize winner for the entire neighborhood.

Estates: 9400 Daly

Manor: 9821 Sota Grande

Villages: 2700 Buckhill

Ridgeview West: 9717 Kingsmill

Grand Prize: 9621 Royal Troon

Congratulations and thank you homeowners for all of your hard work and also to the Beautification Committee for driving each street to find the best decorations our neighborhood had to offer!  Happy Holidays!

Safety Tips from the Plano Police Department

December 1, 2016

Did you know that the police department suggests keeping your porch lights on from dusk until dawn?  Please take a look at the following brochures published by the Plano Police Department for a variety of safety concerns.  These tips can help you stay safe and protect your property during the Holidays – and every other day.  If you are a member of our Nextdoor community, Officer Tilley posts these items in the Crime and Safety section regularly.

Holiday Safety Flyer:

Preventing Vehicle Burglaries:

Home Security:

To see all of the safety brochures and documents published by our Plano Police Department, please click here.


Halloween Decorating Contest Winners Announced

November 1, 2016

Halloween Decorating Contest judging took place Saturday, Oct 29 between 7:00 and 10:00 PM. Judges awarded one winner for each of the four HOA neighborhoods with each winner receiving a $25 Gift Card, a winner sign, and bragging rights.  Winners for each neighborhood are included below:

In addition, judges awarded a Grand Prize to the homeowners at 2513 Geiberger – always a neighborhood favorite – who received a $100 Gift Card, a winner sign, and bragging rights too!

Grand Prize - 2512 Geiberger

Grand Prize – 2512 Geiberger

Thank you to all who decorated and handed out candy to trick-or-treaters this year.  It is always good to see everyone out in costume and greeting each other!  A fun evening indeed!!!

Calloway’s Yard of the Month Selections – October 2016

October 11, 2016

Congratulations to our final 2016 Yard of the Month selections!  These homeowners are doing a fantastic job keeping their homes and yards in top shape.

Thank you to our Yard of the Month volunteers Ken & Maggie Belloni for their hard work and to Calloway’s Nursery for their support of our community through this program!

Remember to get your Halloween Decorations out in time for Contest Judging on October 29.  Good Luck!!!

Elliptical Sale!

October 10, 2016

Check out the following flyer about selling some of our exercise equipment.


Please contact Miranda Johnson at 469-246-3521 or by email at if you would like to make an offer.


Calloway’s Timely Tips for September Gardeners

September 16, 2016

September is a pivotal month for your landscape, with the official arrival of Autumn later this month, and hopefully, a return to cooler and wetter weather. It’s the gateway month between summer and fall gardening, so get outside and improve your landscape.

September is the time to apply lawn fertilizer to keep the grass healthy and growing up to the first frost. Always follow the directions on the package and avoid over fertilizing, which will only damage your lawn. Fall-fertilized lawns are better equipped to make it through the winter and resume growth next spring than lawns that receive no fertilizer.

Double check your sprinklers carefully to make sure they are applying all that you expect in an even, uniform pattern.

Think back to last spring. Did you have lawn weeds in February and March before the grass started growing? Those were cool-season weeds, most of which germinated last fall. A pre-emergent herbicide applied in September will help reduce the recurrence of the same weeds next spring.

Sow Spring Wildflowers (like Bluebonnets) seeds now. For more reliable, uniform seed germination of our State flower, purchase acid-treated Bluebonnets seed. This treatment pits the seed coat, allowing nearly 100% germination in one to two weeks.

Need to add new shrubbery or trees to your landscape? This is a great month to do that. Fall landscaping done now will be well-rooted by next Spring and Summer.

Plant your fall vegetable garden. Plant cool-season vegetable garden with transplants of Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Chard, Collards, Lettuce and Kale. Water your new vegetables and lightly top-dress with mulch to discourage weeds.

Information is courtesy of Calloway’s Nursery at Attribution to Calloway’s required for all use and reproduction.

July 2016 Board Meeting Notice

July 27, 2016

Board of Director Meeting Notification

 Laws enacted during the 82nd Texas Legislative Session mandate that homeowners be informed when Board of Director Meetings are held.  In keeping with this mandate, please be advised that the Board of Directors will meet on

FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2016 AT 1:00 P.M.

Office located at 7800 N. Dallas Parkway, Suite 450, Plano, TX

Items to be discussed will include committee reports, landscape review, financial updates, violation and work order reports, landscape enhancement, guard house/guard, additional pool furniture, pool use/enforcement, bad debt and delinquency.

Wildlife in Ridgeview Ranch

July 26, 2016


Bobcat in yard in Russell Creek neighborhood.


With continuing construction in areas surrounding Ridgeview Ranch, we have seen an increase in wildlife sightings near our homes and on our streets.  Our Nextdoor community at “” has been very active with discussion and debate on what needs to be done about this growing trend.

For the most part, experts agree that wild animals need to remain “wild” and as residents we need to do what we can to keep them from growing even more comfortable around people and using our homes and yards as dens for their families.  However, this is not at all easy living on a golf course with the large amount of birds, rabbits, squirrels, mice and rats that live on the course and surrounding undeveloped areas.  If you search “bobcats in plano” you will find pages of pictures of these animals on roofs and fences, or in storm drains and backyards.  It can be quite disturbing especially if you have young children and small pets.

In February, the City of Plano posted the following notice to all of the Nextdoor communities.

There has been increased concern with new bobcat and coyote sightings in Plano. We wanted to answer some of our most frequently asked questions we receive at Animal Services about these particular animals that call Plano home as well as inform you about some of the ways to deter bobcats and coyotes from entering your property.

• Bobcats have never injured a single person in Plano’s history. Even children are too big to be considered a meal as the bobcats in this area hunt only animals that are rabbit sized or smaller.
• Pets that are bigger than a rabbit are not usually at risk.
• If a pet is small enough for a bobcat to consider it a meal, it’s also small enough to be a meal for some of the owls, hawks, and eagles that live in this area so owners should always be vigilant with tiny pets to protect them.
• Bobcats are more commonly seen during the day in the colder months because the animals they hunt are more active during the day due to the cold nights.
• Studies have shown that bobcats that are trapped and relocated typically die within two weeks after being relocated – some people may mistakenly fear them but very few want them all dead.
• The best course of action to take when a bobcat is seen is to scare them off by yelling, throwing a small rock at them, spraying them with a high-powered squirt gun or hose, or otherwise making them feel uncomfortable so that they learn that people are to be avoided.

If anyone has any other questions, please feel free to contact Animal Services at (972) 769-4360 or by emailing them at

You can find the city’s urban wildlife website here.  They have also published this document detailing the program and how it has evolved into what they do today by clicking here.

Most of the time, although these animals seem not to be affected by our presence, they are not looking for human interaction.  They are sunning, looking for a meal of a rabbit, mouse or squirrel, and then moving on their way.  If we will be vigilant in making our yards and garages no place to seek shelter, it will help.  Do not leave dog or cat bowls of water out where bobcats and coyotes can use them.  Do not leave dog or cat food out on your porch.  Be extra careful and stay very close to small dogs, cats and children when you are outside.  These steps will not solve the problem of displaced wildlife in our neighborhood, but hopefully it will help make it a better safer place for residents and keep the wildlife from being quite so comfortable.

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